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Mastery of Doing Interview

I was lucky enough recently to be selected for an interview series about professionals and why they do what they do. What a compliment to be selected for this series! The interview is below...

Welcome back to The MOD Interview Series.

We have the pleasure of getting to know Sandy Nicholls from Add Your Venture 

This interview series is about professionals and why they do what they do. As you know I am a coach and an occupational therapist and I spend my days learning about what other people do, what motivates them, what doesn’t, what their interests are, how they go to where they are and how all of this impacts on their health and well-being both positive and negatively. People fascinate me, I love to work with people and facilitate them towards individual, team, health and professional goals.

This series provides you with a little bit of insight into different individuals and what they do, what is important to them, what frustrates them. If you have any questions for the professionals that you read about do not hesitate to contact them via their provided details or websites.

1. What attracted you to open your business ‘Add Your Venture: Bookkeeping and BAS Agency’?

I had completed a Masters of Professional Accounting and started working as a tax accountant, however I found that I wasn’t enjoying the work nearly as much as when I ran my own business in transport logistics and did the bookkeeping. It didn’t feel “grass-roots” enough and I missed the regular client interaction that I’d enjoyed as a Physiotherapist, plus it didn’t allow me the flexibility to be there for my children in the way that I wanted. Now I’m meeting wonderful people and helping them on a day to day basis which feels great!

2. What services do you offer through Add Your Venture?

I am a bookkeeper and registered BAS agent. This means I do payroll, BAS preparation and lodgement, setting up online files and day to day paperwork. Plus, as a Xero partner I can set-up people’s accounts and access partner only subscriptions which can potentially save small businesses on their monthly subscription fee.

3. What are the different environments that you work and offer your services?

I mostly work from home thanks to the fantastic advances in digital data recording but I also visit client’s premises if they are nearby and maybe haven’t moved to getting invoices digitally yet. Really it can be quite flexible day to day which is part of the fun.

4. What was the driving force behind training in finance?

I’ve always been very good at maths and who doesn’t like money? So when I was enjoying doing the bookkeeping for the transport logistics company I decided to train in the field. A good challenge with two toddlers underfoot at the time!

5. What disruptors do you see having a major effect within the industry/s in which you work?

The changes that have happened over recent years with moving into the online environment have been fantastic for ease of record keeping, flexibility in terms of being able to work from anywhere and improved reporting capability. I am excited to see how those changes continue over the next few years. At the same time increased automation of tax office reporting is reducing the role of accountants who are needing to provide more and better advisory services to their clients. Automated reporting means good quality record keeping is becoming more imperative so it’s a great time to be seeking help and ensuring your data file is clean.

6. What would you like to see change on a national or international level?

I’d like to see a continuation of the change to doing everything electronically. This change has already made great inroads into helping reduce the load on our precious environment plus it makes businesses more efficient. It’s a win-win situation.

7. What do you bring to your client’s that is unique and you know makes a difference?

Having a Masters of Professional Accounting and a background in tax accounting means I look at your file slightly differently to a traditional bookkeeper. I keep an eye on the bigger picture and because I know what accountants look for at end of year I can have client’s file clean, hopefully saving accounting fees.

8. What book/s are you reading at present?

Always reading! I’ve just finished The Rosie Project which was exceptional. Now onto: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Key Person of Influence, The Art of Happiness (Dalai Lama) and How to Solve Our Human Problems. My kids also have me reading Andy Griffiths of course.

9. What do you do to take care of yourself so that you can turn up for all the roles that you are involved in in your life? 

I’ve worked too hard in the past and I now make it a priority to take time to do the things that keep me healthy. I do a guided meditation most days, practice yoga regularly, surf when I can get time, and try to do some other form of exercise (hiking, self-paced walking in the park, or pilates) a couple of days a week. Every now and then I make it a priority to put a pack on my back and do an off-piste hike with the girls to somewhere really remote for true immersion in nature.

10. What is one thing on your bucket list that you intend to do soon? And Why?

I want to go back to a place called The Steamers and climb to the iconic look-out. Last time we decided the ascent looked too dangerous, but we all agreed we need to go back and reassess. Why? Because overcoming your fear is one of the most rewarding human experiences.

If you would like to read more into what services Sandy has to offer check

If you would like to contact Sandy use these avenues:

Telephone 0422 567 886 (from Australia)

Via the website

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